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At the SanLucar citrus farm in Rooihoogte (Western Cape), the company promotes long-term agriculture - an inspiring project that not only provides fresh and healthy food, but also offers new perspectives. A press release.

Alphonso´s working day begins at dawn: Under loud clucking he gets his hens going. Their mobile coop is located in a garden that is unusual - and new. It is a "permaculture garden" set up on the Rooihoogte citrus farm run by SanLucar, an international premium brand for fruit and vegetables, near Porterville.

By Kirsten Eiser, a Partner & Cherise Walker, a Candidate Attorney at Webber Wentzel

Many people, throughout Africa, look at South Africa as a place which offers socio-economic opportunities; and as a result, it has become home to many inter-regional and inter-continental migrants seeking gainful employment. What many employers don’t realise is that there are particular laws applicable to employing (and dismissing) these immigrants, which all employers need to be aware of. We set out below a high-level summary of the key considerations you ought to be aware of in employing foreign nationals.

@gsafarmerdev tweets on training by Johan Kriel from Grain SA. Workshops revolve around asking and answering some questions. The questions are practical and very worthy, and we reproduce them here:

We are working our way through the chapters of the Agri Handbook, doing a general check on links and updating information. This morning we picked up where we left off yesterday, the “Berries & exotic fruits” chapter.

A letter from the convener/chairperson of the panel of adjudicators

Dear sir/madam


This is a reminder to enter the Toyota New Harvest of the Year Competition 2018 as we are nearing the closing date at the end of next week. Thanks to all the companies/organisations that already entered a candidate(s) for the competition, and those who have forwarded the entry forms and details to other relevant people/organisations and possible candidates.

The Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre newsletter contains news of an agricultural excursion for grade 12 learners from four schools: Iingcinga Zethu Secondary School, Skurweberg Sekondêr, Ceres Sekondêr and Wolseley Sekondêr. They were given a day's practical demonstration of what studying agriculture involves.

Photo used courtesy of Hortgro and the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre