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See also the "Hunting", "Poultry" and  "Birds and farming" chapters.


1. Overview

This chapter looks at poultry like gamebirds, waterfowl, pheasants, turkeys and quail - birds not covered in our "Poultry" and  "Birds and farming" chapters. This whether they are hosted or actively farmed.

Not only have gamebirds played a major role in human survival throughout ancient history, but all domestic turkeys and chickens also originate from them. South Africa offers a wide variety of game birds, some 14 huntable species of duck, two of geese, 10 partridge (francolin) species, two pheasant-sized birds (guinea fowl) and quail.

Gamebirds often reach far higher densities on farms, particularly grain and mixed farms, than in natural habitats or game farms. Farmers often regard gamebirds as a pest, yet they constitute an additional source of income. Farmers can be helped to develop hospitality services and to market shoots, so adding considerable value to their gamebirds. The infrastructure required to establish gamebird utilisation will readily support other forms of eco-tourism and recreational land use, such as hiking, birding, mountain-biking or to simply escape from cities.

Source: Abré J Steyn and Aldo Berruti (adapted) 


2. Business environment


3. Role players

Associations and trusts

  • South African Field Trial Club Hunting with a difference …
  • Show Poultry Southern Africa (SPSA)
  • South African Show Poultry Organisation (SASPO) Contact details for affiliated clubs are on the website: Bloemfontein Pluimveeklub, East London Poultry Society (Club), Eastern Cape Poultry Club, Mpumalanga Poultry Club, Namibia Poultry Club, Natal And Coast Poultry Club and Orpington Club Of SA
  • South African Wingshooters Association The SA Wingshooters Association is involved in sustainable harvesting and management of wild fowl populations as well as maintaining sound ecosystems, provide advice as well as assistance to farmers. It has a Helpline to assist members, for a nominal fee, with the relicensing of firearms and the new licensing of firearms.

Other role players

  • Bester Birds and Animals Zoo Park Waterfowl, guinea fowl, pheasants and quail are some of the breeds available from the birdshop.
  • Dargle Ducks Tel: 033 234 4227 dean.dechazal [at] An open range duck farm. Find the Dargle Ducks story at and in Robyn Joubert’s article for Farmer’s Weekly (see heading 4). 
  • De Denne Duck farm Tel: 082 788 4768 Organic, free range ducks