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We have written before about the valuable place occupied by agricultural shows and events. Work on our first agricultural publication was confirmed after attending South Africa’s Nampo Harvest Day in 2003 (see our account on that here), and as the years passed, we anticipated this and similar events with enthusiasm as a place to meet up with old friends and to keep our fingers on the pulse.

These events have been temporarily swept away by COVID-19 and the accompanying lock downs. Last year’s virtual Nampo did its best to recreate the experience, with auditoriums and show rooms – even Grain SA’s radio station to help create the Nampo ambience. There were some advantages – being able to see who was present (and, of course, being able to communicate directly with them) – but nothing beats the real experience.

Macfrut 2021

This year we have had contact with the Italian Trade Agency, a trade and investment agency promoting Macfrut 2021, the “Fruit & Veg Professional Show” in Rimini, Italy, which takes place from Tuesday 7 September to Thursday 9 September.

From our experience, shows usually try to pack in as many people as possible, and lay on entertainment for those not specifically interested in agricultural wares and services. This either makes the excursion a day-out for the whole family, or waters-down the show’s focus, depending on your perspective.

Macfrut is reserved for sector specialists. Registration is maintains professional standards but probably more to do with the pandemic. Visitors will need a Green Pass of international certificate showing that they are free of COVID. View the Macfrut page on our website for an overview and to find the brochure of the event.

All photos used on this page are from the Macfrut website gallery, showing scenes from past events.


Find the MACFRUT page on our website at, and the links to relevant Agribook.Digital fruit and vegetables pages at








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