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At the close of 2018, a delegation of journalists and writers travelled to the Western Cape to view the work the WWF-SA Nedbank Green Trust is supporting with landowners and communities in the Overberg.

Our eight articles reporting on the trip are: 

1) Setting the stage – putting the trip and role players in context

2) The choice to go left instead of straight – an account of the previously unknown presence of Heuningnes redfin minnow in these waters

3) Watercourse restoration project – the linking of areas of renosterveld through the watercourses and how this contributes to protecting wildlife and the ecosystem

4) Conservation management – what is in it for farmers? A look at the successes of landowner-conservation partnerships

5) Stabilising soil structures – This zeroes in on conservation work on farms to turn the clock back on soil erosion

6) A research centre and a place to stay – A visit to the Haarwegskloof Renosterveld Reserve and its Research and Visitor Centre

7) Fynbos packhouse – A look at the Cape Floral Kingdom and the crucial efforts to maintain the many species either threatened with extinction or critically endangered

8) Flower Valley Farm – efforts here ensure the economic viability of this sector, ensuring livelihoods while maintaining ecosystems

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