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This first virtual agriculture show and conference opened successfully in Pretoria, South Africa on Wednesday 9 September. The event is open until and including Saturday 12 September.

The event is enhanced by an extensive menu of exhibitor webinars, available on a daily webinar programme directly from the exhibitor pavilions. Valuable information is available directly from the exhibitor webinars.

AgriXtra is a digital television channel streaming directly alongside the virtual expo. The conference programme features a number of agriculture focused discussion panels.

For easy access, free registration and a basketful of information log on to:, proceed to register and enjoy the content. One registration is valid for the full duration. Look out for competitions, show specials, what’s new and more. The system will e-mail your confirmation with your login, please record your password somewhere as you may want to go in on multiple days.

Relevant pages in AgribookDigital include “Agricultural shows and events“.

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