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The Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre newsletter contains news of an agricultural excursion for grade 12 learners from four schools: Iingcinga Zethu Secondary SchoolSkurweberg SekondêrCeres Sekondêr and Wolseley Sekondêr. They were given a day’s practical demonstration of what studying agriculture involves.


Photo used courtesy of Hortgro and the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre


Visits to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) agricultural campus, Elsenburg, the South African Plant Improvement Organisation (SAPO) Trust and Fruitfly Africa were undertaken.

The tour was arranged by the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre and industry association Hortgro. Congratulations! The average age of farmers worldwide is inceasing: in South Africa it is 62-years old; in the USA 58-years old. Every attempt should be made to increase the number of those entering this sector as a career.

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