Role players



  • South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) Find the “Structures and facilities” menu option. A contact form is available on the website.
  • Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association Tel: 011 726 6111


Training and research

  • Africa Land-Use Training (ALUT) Tel: 078 228 0008 ALUT offers a four day course on basic farm planning (includes a basic infrastructure development plan for your farm).
  • ARC-Agricultural Engineering (ARC-AE) Tel: 012 842 4017 The ARC-AE is involved the designing, testing and development of farm structures, stores, workshops, labour housing and appropriate animal housing/ handling facilities. Building and structure guidelines can be purchased from them (see next heading). Some of these can also be read on their website.
  • Nelson Mandela University School of Natural Resource Management Tel: 044 801 5019 / 111 barry.muller [at] Expertise in basic wooden structures on farms
  • Included in the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)-accredited qualifications is “Apply elementary farm layout and infrastructure”. Find the Qualifications and Learning Material option at



NERPO Financial Services’ Infrastructure fund is a credit line that provides emerging farmers with finance for infrastructural developments on their farms. Visit



Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD)

Directorate: Infrastructure Support

Tel: 012 319 846 8502

Websites and publications

Call 012 842 4017 or email iaeinfo [at] for the following publications, available from the ARC in Silverton:

  • Manual on housing for pigs (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Extensive pig housing (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Beef cattle facilities manual (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Dairy cattle facilities manual (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Manual on sheep facilities (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Small-scale broiler house (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Heating of broilers and broiler housing
  • Small-scale poultry housing in South Africa
  • Concrete on the farm (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Building of permanent trench and bunker silage silos (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Manual for the construction of grain silos for farm storage (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Structures and equipment for the storage and handling of grain on the farm
  • Small-scale milking shed (also available in Afrikaans)
  • Agricultural structures and facilities database (suppliers of livestock/agricultural equiment) – also available in Afrikaans

And only available in Afrikaans:

  • Afkoel van melkbeeste in Suid-Afrika
  • Lae-koste melkverkoeling
  • Handleiding oor volstruisbehuising

Publications which overlap with Water Storage, Fencing and Hydroponics & undercover growing are listed on those Agribook.Digital pages.

The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (No. 103 of 1977) forms the basis of how buildings in the country should be constructed to suit human habitation. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) published the Code of Practice for The application of the National Building Regulations, SABS 0400-1987. Both the legislation and the Codes have been revised. Find out about these at

Find the directory of brick suppliers on the website

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