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Houses built with traditional earth technologies using indigenous knowledge make up the largest number of houses in the informal housing sector in South Africa.

Natural building is any building system which places the highest value on social and environmental sustainability. It assumes the need to minimise the environmental impact of our housing and other building needs while providing healthy, beautiful, comfortable and spiritually-uplifting homes.

Natural materials like stone, wood, straw and earth are not only non-toxic, they are life-enhancing. There is a good feeling we get from natural buildings which is difficult to describe. Even though conditioned to prefer the new, the shiny, and the precise, we respond at a deep level to unprocessed materials.

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For further information on straw bale construction look at: Shelter Online illustrates even more imaginative ways to put a roof over one’s head. – “building today for tomorrow”

Readers of this chapter would find the Green Home Resource Guide interesting. See

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