Valley Macadamia Chairman, Alan Sutton, attended the macadamia round table session at the World Nut and Dried Fruit Conference in Spain. Sutton gave feedback on the INC’s annual report and discussed a number of pertinent facts and figures, as well as new marketing and advertising campaigns proposed for the year ahead.

Photo used courtesy Valley Macadamias

Key statistics discussed at the round table included the growth and global supply of macadamias. Sutton was delighted to report a strong growth trajectory for the robust macadamia industry. “The generic marketing that’s been undertaken by the INC is an example of our industry body hard at work to perform expansion of our product”, said Sutton.

The forecast for 2018 is estimated at 211 101 metric tons worldwide - the highest ever global supply. South Africa will be the biggest macadamia producer with 54 000 tons followed by Australia and Kenya. Production in China will be 19 000 tons in 2018 with a set growth of 10% per annum thereafter.

The world production is classified as 70% kernel exports and 30% nut in shell exports. The kernel and nut-in-shell combined make up 70% of all products sold as snack products and 30% sold as ingredients for bakers and confectioners.

“The increase in plantings on a global scale is set to continue and hopefully this will stabilise the supply for what is seemingly an insatiable demand for macadamias worldwide”, said Sutton. The Valley Macadamia group will rise to the challenge by expanding their capacities and market capabilities to cater for the exciting new trends. Press release.

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