A letter from the convener/chairperson of the panel of adjudicators

Dear sir/madam


This is a reminder to enter the Toyota New Harvest of the Year Competition 2018 as we are nearing the closing date at the end of next week. Thanks to all the companies/organisations that already entered a candidate(s) for the competition, and those who have forwarded the entry forms and details to other relevant people/organisations and possible candidates.

Remember that the objectives of this competition are:

  1. to identify and reward the most successful previously disadvantaged (black/Indian/coloured) farmer in South Africa, and;
  2. to provide credit/recognition to those people/institutions/organisations/agencies that are involved in the development of new farmers.

The winner will receive the prestigious “2018 Toyota New Harvest of the Year” trophy and a Toyota Hilux bakkie. The nominating agency will receive a cash prize of R10,000 from Toyota SA which could be used for the development and assistance of more (HDI) farmers.

By participating the nominator and finalist will receive much publicity. All that is required from you is to identify and nominate such a successful farmer with whom your institution assisted in the development of the individual. Email cvdwesth [at] cut.ac.za or carluvdw [at] gmail.com for the entry form. Information on requirements, procedure and adjudication criteria are included on it. Please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Carlu van der Westhuizen, Convener/chairperson of the panel of adjudicators, at any time at 051 507 3788 or 083 445 2662 if you have queries or need any special arrangements. He looks forward in receiving your entry/entries by 24 August 2018.

The Toyota New Harvest Of The Year Competition is listed in the "Emerging farmer support" chapter in the Agri Handbook.