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For the second quarter in a row, agriculture posts growth that does wonders for the South African economy, contributing significantly to its 2% growth.

Find the Farmer's Weekly article "Second consecutive quarter of agricultural growth for SA" here.

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Famous Brands Cheese Company (FBCC) and Coega Dairy will collectively contribute R3 million to five black-owned community dairy farms in the Eastern Cape to finance the purchase of more than 300 dairy cows. The funds will be disbursed over a three year period, with FBCC and Coega Dairy each contributing R1.5 million.

L Collet (Coega Dairy), Mr. L Kente Ncora (Dairy Trust), Ms. L Maso (Seven Stars Dairy Trust), Mr. C Jantjies (Middeldrift Dairy Trust), L Mavhungu (Fort Hare Dairy Trust), Ms. F Ngqakayi (Shilo Dairy Trust), Mr. J Every (Amadlelo Agri), Ms. L Nthla (Famous Brands)


We came across an infographic by TuskPhoto recently: a list of 10 endangered African species.

Some of these species are covered in the “Wildlife on farms” and “Birds and farming” chapters, and are central to programmes run by groups like the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Included here are the riverine rabbit (less than 250 adults left), the cheetah and the African white-backed vulture.


Cattle of Ages, by Cyril Ramaphosa (text) and Daniel Naudé (photography), has been released.

Recently the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) granted Environmental Authorisations (EA) to Rhino Oil and Gas Exploration South Africa (ROG) for natural gas exploration across four provinces, totalling 2.4 million hectares of land. Whilst there are currently two applications in KZN, so far only the authorisation across Northern KZN has been granted.

The public is only given 20 days from the date of the notification of the granting of the authorisation to appeal.

Strategically united against the applications, Agri SA on behalf of Kwanalu and each affected provincial union, submitted an appeal for each of the EA’s granted.

Written by Theo Boshoff, Agbiz Head: Legal intelligence

We must ensure that land reform happens, but in a sustainable way so that agricultural production and food supply remain vibrant over the coming years in order to prevent basic nutrition from becoming unaffordable. As it currently stands, Stats SA estimates that 13,8 million South Africans, or one in every four, live under the food poverty line, which means they cannot afford their basic food demands and are food insecure. If the price of food increases due to uncertainty regarding expropriation without compensation and the associated disinvestment into the sector, the situation will become even worse. It is therefore vital that we find solutions to accelerate land reform without causing large-scale uncertainty in the agro-food system.