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9. Websites and publications

Visit the websites of role players listed in this chapter.

  • Role players like the ARC can advise with publications to do with dairy processing. The Dairy Technology department at ARC-Animal Production offers the following: (i) Dairy Product Manufacturing, a booklet for those interested in making their own cheese on kitchen scale (ii) The nutritional content of South African milk and liquid milk products and (iii) Nutritional content of South African cheeses. Call 012 672 9111. 
  • Call 012 842 4017 or email iaeinfo [at] for the publication Processing of Dairy (Butter, cream, buttermilk, cheese, yogurt, milk and milk powder), available from ARC-Agricultural Engineering.
  • Agricultural Research Council. 2018. "Agro-processing of dairy: getting to grips with basic terminology". Available at
  • The 6th in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)’s Agricultural Marketing Extension Training Papers is about marketing dairy products. Find the document on the under “Resource centre” and “General publications” at
  • Cheese making kits can be ordered at
  • Find certified Halaal establishments at and
  • Buy the publication Dairy Processing which outlines traditional methods of processing milk (butter, cheese, yoghurt etc) from Practical Action Publishing at
  • The DAFF-NAMC TradeProbe occasionally looks at dairy products. Find issue 64 from 2016 which looked at the trade in whey at

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