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7. Training and research

  • ARC-Infruitec/Nietvoorbij Tel: 021 809 3100/58 In addition to research, training courses are given in the drying of fruit.
  • ARC-Agricultural Engineering (AE) Tel: 012 842 4017 Small-scale fruit and vegetable drying for smallholder farmers
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Tel: 012 841 2911 Included in CSIR programmes is training and demonstration in solar drying and sun drying.
  • Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (KwaZulu-Natal) Khangelani Maxwell Mkhathini – 033 343 8090 Khangelani.Mkhathini [at], Sandile Zulu – 033 355 9690 Sandile.zulu [at]
  • Dried Fruit Technical Services (DFTS) Tel: 021 870 2900 Short courses, farmers’ days and technical discussions are frequently organised.
  • Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute Tel: 021 808 5111 Dried Fruit is part of the Diploma at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute, Stellenbosch. Training covers the whole fruit production process: planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilisation, pest- and disease management, harvesting, and drying of the crop.
  • FoodBev Tel: 011 253 7300 FOODBEV is the Sector Education Training Authority (SETA) responsible for facilitating education and training in the food and beverages manufacturing sector
  • Hortgro Science Tel: 021 882 8470
  • South African Plant Improvement Organisation (SAPO) Tel: 021 887 6823 A specialist plant improvement organisation owned by deciduous fruit growers through Hortgro Services, the Canning Fruit Producers Association, the Dried Fruit Technical Services and South African Table Grapes.
  • Stellenbosch University Department of Food Science Tel: 021 808 3578 
  • University of Fort Hare Department of Agronomy Mr MD Brutsch Tel: 040 602 2131/2069


8. Companies involved


Packers / marketers



9. Websites and publications

Visit the websites and publications referred to earlier in the chapter, specifically under heading 4.

  • Find the notes on drying mangoes at
  • Brett, A, Cox, D.R.S., Simmons, R. & Anstee, G. 1996. "Producing Solar Dried Fuit and Vegetables for micro and small-scale Rural Enterprise Development". Handbook 3: Practical Aspects of Processing. Chatham, UK: Natural Resources Institute.
  • Find a report on raisins in China here. China is the third largest producer after the USA and Turkey (USDA, 2016).
  • An issue of the DAFF-NAMC International Tradeprobe (September 2014) ran a report on dried grapes (raisins). It ranked South Africa sixth, globally as a producer. Find the publication at
Sources for this chapter: Wikipedia; Dried fruit Technical Services (DFTS), the mentioned websites.