Table of Contents

1. Overview

The Government Communication & Information System (GCIS) South African yearbook chapter on tourism (see heading 6) lists adventure tourism, business tourism, cruise tourism, cultural tourism, medical tourism, nature-based tourism, rural tourism, sports tourism, township tourism and wine tourism. Where is agritourism?

What is agritourism? Can farmers benefit more from tourism than they are presently doing?

Establishing accommodation on your farm to encourage getaways or tourism can be a second revenue stream. It also communicates the farmer’s story to the public.

  • Rural tourism is a concept which covers tourist activity devised and managed by local people, and based on the strengths of the natural and human environment.
  • Ecotourism is about travelling to a natural area to understand the environment and history there “whilst producing economic opportunities that make conservation of natural resources financially beneficial to local citizens” (The Ecotourism Society, 1992).
  • Agritourism is a much narrower concept, referring to the different forms of tourism related to agrarian activities and/or buildings with an agrarian function. This particular form of rural tourism is, therefore, run by farmers, usually as a secondary activity, with farming remaining the principle occupation and source of income.
  • Often, a distinction is made between agritourism and the term farm tourism (farmstays), which is used to refer simply to the use of former farmhouses as tourist accommodation.
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