Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics within a single system. You grow the plants (vegetables) hydroponically using the fish waste as the main source of nutrients. The plants in turn purify the water for the fish.

Notes on aquaponics are provided on role player websites (see heading 2). Benefits of the system include:

  • A small system can be fitted into backyards
  • Low labour requirement
  • No weeds or pests
  • No soil cultivation necessary
  • No wastage of water
  • Fish waste utilised
  • Higher yields and quality
  • Constant production throughout the year

Ensure that you have a market for the organic produce (vegetables and fish) before you set up an aquaponic production system.

Role players

Associations and NGOs
  • Aquaponic Association of South Africa
  • INMED South Africa Tel: 011 486 1090 Find “South African Adaptive Agriculture/Aquaponics” on the website
Training and research
  • Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Dr M-J Thaela-Chimuka Tel: 012 672 9316 ThaelaMJ [at]
  • Aquaculture Innovations Tel: 046 622 3690 Training courses, training materials, consulting and aquaponics equipment are offered.
  • Stellenbosch University Division of Aquaculture Tel: 021 808 9146 / 2544 hbs [at]
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal Ukulinga Research Farm Tel: 033 260 6825
Companies involved

Most of the below role players offer products, equipment and training:


Websites and publications

Visit the websites listed earlier on this page.


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