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This week we had a query from northern KwaZulu-Natal about starting a poultry enterprise. Our follow-up email:


Hi ***

We ourselves only do the website and are not involved in supplying services or products. As I said to you earlier, I will try point you to where help could be forthcoming.

I presume you’ve looked at our page at It is rich in information. The heading suggests where you can sell your products. The heading after it [For the newcomer] has several strategic questions too. You need to have an idea of where future money will come from before you spend your money on equipment and your own infrastructure.

Details of various role players are also given [like the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) Tel: 011 795 9920]. Training courses are provided by the KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute (KZNPI) Tel: 064 860 0130 and the agricultural colleges (closest to you is Owen Sithole, Tel: 035 795 1345, 16 kilometres North of Empangeni on the Old Mtubatuba Road). The training provided here sets you in the right direction.

The companies involved heading lists companies which supply inputs like housing, feed, drinking cribs etc, as well as those supplying chicks.

There are a number of brochures from the Department of Agriculture listed under the “Websites & publications” heading that are worth looking at. These are not complicated and take you straight to the information you are looking for.

KZN has quite a good extension service, from what we have read. Your nearest office is at 48 Jan Smuts Avenue, Mtubatuba; telephone 035 550 0210. You could speak to them as well, and ask for assistance.

This is all academic, of course, and nothing will teach you as much as other people who have learnt how to do it and your own experience. We wish you success.

Best wishes,



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