See the “Renewable & alternative energy” page.

Canvas & tents

Cleaning equipment

See the “Food safety & traceability” chapter.

Clothing, overalls, footwear

Crop and horticulture-related

  • Alrite Engineering Tel: 011 626 2580 Brushcutters, chainsaws, pole pruners etc
  • Felco Tel: 021 905 1890 Shears and pruning equipment
  • Hardi Crop Protection SA Tel: 021 905 2611 Crop spraying equipment
  • Husqvarna For chainsaws, brushcutters, trimmers
  • I & M Smith Tel: 011 781 6150 Electrostatic sprayers and crop processing equipment
  • Jaytrade Tel: 021 385 1652 Sprayers, pruning equipment
  • JOSCO Services Tel: 021 851 1155 Mowers, slashers, knapsack sprayers, driveshafts etc
  • Mayfield Fertiliser Applicator Tel: 011 486 0978 / 083 301 3568 Back-pack for manual application of fertiliser
  • Plastrip Tel: 021 851 5455 Horticultural equipment
  • Taljar Services & Wincut Tel: 012 333 2927 Shears for all types of tree farming – forestry, citrus, deciduous and viticulture

Fire Fighting

See separate chapter on fire.


Knife sharpeners

  • BC Technologies Tel: 082 322 5756

Lamps (ultraviolet and infrared)


See “Animal husbandry” chapter

  • NMR Engineering Tel: 033 263 1056 Animal handling and weighing equipment – scales, movable kraals, animal tilts, feeders, drinking troughs, loading ramps, clamps, portable pens, foot baths, spray dips etc.
  • Poltek Tel: 011 866 1240/2 Crates, Chicken Feeders, Chicken Drinkers, Poultry Feeders, Poultry Drinkers, Plastic Poultry Equipment, and a general range of products for the poultry industry

Scales and weighing systems

See the “Packaging & handling systems” chapter


Build your own tractor, combine, welder, power supply, implements, pelletiser etc. Take a look at the Open Source Ecology website,

Vehicle related

Tools, power tools and machine tools

The Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association (HATMA) is an employer organisation affiliated to Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA). See

Find information on the Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) and the National Tooling Initiative Programme at

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